What is Window Cladding?

What is Window CladdingWhen it comes to window options, wood is a timeless and highly coveted choice. After all, wood windows provide a warm, sophisticated, and polished look that instantly elevates a home’s interior and exterior appearance. However, for all of its beauty and benefits, wood windows are not moisture resistant, which leaves them vulnerable to issues like warping and rotting over time. The solution? Window cladding.

Wood Without the Drawbacks

Window cladding is a vinyl or metal cover that protects a wooden core. It is found on the side of the window that faces the home’s exterior, and it helps preserve the wood and protect it from the elements. Some of the benefits of window cladding include:

  • Weather resistance – Cladding prevents water, wind, and other natural elements from penetrating the original window material.
  • Low maintenance – Since cladding prevents wood windows from rotting and sustaining other forms of wear and tear, it’ll require virtually no maintenance to keep them looking like new.
  • Long-lasting beauty – Windows that have cladding will allow you to enjoy all of the beauty that wood windows provide for decades to come.

Turn to SpringHouse Window & Door

At SpringHouse Window & Door, we offer wood windows by industry-leading manufacturer Marvin. They have an extruded aluminum-clad exterior with a commercial-grade, high-performance PVDF fluoropolymer finish that meets the toughest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 standard. This means that our windows will stand the test of time and require virtually no maintenance to keep them looking their best. Contact us today to learn more.

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