Top Things to Know Before Replacing the Windows on Your Home

Top Things to Know Before Replacing the Windows on Your HomeAre your current windows drafty, outdated, or just lackluster? If so, you might be considering replacing them with new ones, which is a smart investment, considering all of the ways that windows affect your home’s beauty and efficiency. A window replacement is an important home update, so you’ll want to be prepared when going into it. Consider these top things to know before diving in:

How Long Do Windows Last?

The length of time that windows last depends mostly on the quality of the windows. While many economy windows provide lifetime warranties—giving the impression that they will last forever—they tend to be lower quality, so you’ll notice things like operational issues, window seal failure, and fogging between the panes. Investing in higher-quality windows by trusted manufacturers and ensuring a proper installation will significantly increase the lifespan of your new windows.

Should I Replace All of My Windows At Once?

Windows are often replaced in two or three stages, starting with the front of the house, then the back, and finally the upstairs. However, it is generally up to your personal budget and preferences when making this decision.

How Do You Choose New Windows?

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing your new windows, starting with the material, which typically narrows down to three popular choices: vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Each of these options offers its own merits in terms of cost, energy efficiency, customization opportunities, durability, and maintenance—so you will want to weigh out these advantages before making a decision.

Should I DIY?

A lot of things need to come together perfectly during a window replacement, such as getting the measurements right, having all of the proper tools, and being able to troubleshoot problems if they arise. Your window replacement will require the highest level of skill and precision, so unless you are a professional window installer yourself, you shouldn’t attempt to take on the project. Partner with a trusted window contractor to get the job done right and reap the full benefits of a manufacturer’s warranty.

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