When is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?Have you noticed a draft when you stand near your windows? Are you paying higher energy costs each month? Perhaps your windows are warped, damaged, or broken. These are telltale signs that it is time to invest in new replacement windows, but knowing when to invest in new windows and at what time of year are two different things. Believe it or not, there are unique benefits to replacing your windows during certain seasons. Consider the following:

Spring and Summer

The obvious benefit to replacing your windows during the spring and summer is that it is warmer outside. You won’t have to worry about your installer being delayed because of snowy weather. Caulk also adheres better in warm weather, which will make the actual installation process quicker and easier. However, there is one major drawback to replacing windows in the warmer months: demand. Because there will be an inundation of people ordering new windows during these seasons, you might have to wait longer for your windows to be installed. Waiting until mid-summer, however, might help you avoid the spike.

Winter and Fall

The biggest advantage of replacing your windows during the colder months is that there will be far less demand, so you may spend less time between ordering your windows and their installation. You might even score a deal on your replacement windows, as companies may offer more competitive pricing to attract customers during the slower months.

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