How Do I Clean Vinyl Windows?How Do You Clean Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are the most popular type of window amongst homeowners throughout the country, as they provide a bevy of benefits that homeowners appreciate. Among those benefits includes exceptional, no-fuss durability. Because vinyl windows are durable and resist rotting and deteriorating over time, they don’t require the rigorous maintenance that other types of windows, such as wood, often require. However, if you want to make sure your vinyl windows continue to look like new, you will still need to clean them from time to time to remove dirt and debris. If you want to clean your vinyl windows like a pro, consider the following steps:

Clean the Exterior

Create a simple cleaning solution by mixing 1-1/2 cups of distilled white vinegar with one gallon of warm water, or mix a teaspoon of mild soap in a gallon of warm water. First, rinse the windows with clear water to lift dirt and debris. Then clean the frames, trim, and glass with the cleaning solution using a sponge. Promptly rinse with clear water and wipe the windows dry with a lint-free cloth or newspaper before the water has a chance to run down and create streaks on the glass.

Wash the Screen

Remove the screens and put them in your tub, shower, or on your lawn or driveway. Spray them gently with clear water and use a soft bristle brush to dislodge dirt. For stubborn dirt, use a mixture of mild detergent to clean the screens before rinsing them with water and allowing them to dry.

Clean the Tracks

Use a vacuum to clear away dirt on the window tracks, and use a plastic putty knife to get rid of any larger obstructions. Then clean the tracks with a mild detergent, rinse, and dry. You can then slick the track with a silicone spray and wipe down with a clean cloth before carefully replacing the sashes and screens inside the window.

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