Garden Windows: A Quaint Home Addition

Garden WindowIf you want to add light and dimension to a room in your home, installing garden windows is an excellent way to do so. Often seen above the kitchen sink, garden windows are similar to bay windows in that they are three dimensional and protrude out from the walls of a structure. There are many benefits of garden windows, including that they:

Are Perfect for Green Thumbs

If you love growing your own herbs or plants, then garden windows make it exceptionally easy to do so. Not only do garden windows provide plenty of sunshine for your green friends, they also make it easy to water them, since they will be within arm’s reach right above the kitchen sink.

Are Decorative

You can put much more than just plants in the nook of your garden windows. They are also the perfect place to put glass figurines and other baubles, as they will twinkle beautifully in the sunshine.

Offer Ample Views & Light

Garden windows have four panes of glass, so you will be able to get a peripheral view of the outdoors, as well as receive a flood of natural light into your home.

SpringHouse Window & Door

At SpringHouse Window & Door, we offer first-rate garden windows that will brighten and beautify your home. Available in vinyl, wood, and fiberglass, and manufactured by industry-leading manufacturers Marvin and Sunrise, our windows will provide decades of beauty, energy efficiency, and no-fuss durability. To learn about our incredible selection, contact us today!

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